Cusack // Slow Worries // Carousals @Venster99

October 6, 2017 @ 20:00

Cusack + Slow Worries + Carousals


r/d 02/17 brings you:

SLOW WORRIES (Amsterdam)
“You could say Slow Worries are an indierockband. The songs reflect their shared love for early 90s indie and pop, combining dreamy melodies with solid dissonance. While taking cues from the likes of Helium, The Spinanes & Slant 6, their 2 guitars/drums lineup betrays a post-hardcore influence as well. Slow Worries members have cut their teeth in bands like New YX, Pony Pack, Dusty Blinds & Bombay.

The band released an EP last year on Adagio830/Graanrepubliek/Contraszt records and are currently working on new material.

Slow Worries has opened for Sleater-Kinney, Terrible Feelings, The Ex, Self Defense Family, Des Ark and toured with Baby Galaxy among others.”

CUSACK (Rotterdam)
“Cusack is a three-headed dragon making restless, noisy post-punk, at the source of which is a sense of threat that haunts you during the darkest hours of the night. Daanie, Bart and Marc are musicians on a never-ending search for new sounds and bizarre inspirations. Musically influenced by Shellac, Tool, and Savages and lyrically by the electric sheep of Philip K. Dick, an oversupply of fragile male egos, and breakups that are so painful we won’t discuss them here, Cusack is sometimes warm, sometimes angry, but most of all delightfully dark.”