Dinner at Kufany’s & Konzert: “Holy Locust” @Tüwi

On the 14th of July Dinner at Kufany’s will host the American folk-punk
band Holy Locust for a concert in TüWi.

“Formed in summer of 2017 Holy locust is a five piece acoustic folk
band, seamlessly blending the raw energy and ideals of punk music with
refined folk traditions from around the world. Their music is dark,
dynamic and steeped in the myriad of their worldly adventures. From
street corners in Mexico to pubs in Ireland Holy Locust has carried with
them the folk tradition of resistance and equality”

You can listen to their music here: https://holylocust.bandcamp.com/

Before the concert there will be dinner, cooked from foodsaved food. We
will start cooking at 16h, dinner will be served at 19h, and the concert
will start at 20h.

Donations at the door and for the food will go to the band’s expenses.

Come hungry – go wild!