DIY Punk Beisl: Soli für das Autonome Soziale Zentrum Klinika @ekh

Fr 22.02. DIY Punk Beisl: Soli für das Autonome Soziale Zentrum Klinika

The autonomous social centre Klinika started in November 2014 with a collective squatting a former lung clinic in the Prague district of Žižkov. The former clinic was and still is a property of the state who left it empty and unused since 2009. After the house was throughly cleaned a full cultural, educational and social programme started and quickly attracted significant attendance of people within and outside of the squatting scene.
After ten days the nascent social centre was violently evicted by the police. The eviction was followed by weeks of negotiations, alliance building, demos and direct actions which ended in an unprecedented one year contract between the state and the collective to run a self-managed, fully autonomous social centre in the once-squatted building. Soon a full programme of lectures, language courses, concerts, exhibitions, etc. commenced and the centre was visited by hundreds of people every week.
Following a row of events Klinika has been forced into illegality once again since early 2016. Notwithstanding a really wide public support (rather uncommon when talking about squatting activities in Czech) the growing pressure from the owner has recently resulted in an eviction that still has not been completed by the time this invitation was written. Come to support Klinika at DIY Punk Beisl and help its collective cover the costs of the fines and other legal costs connected with both the existence of the Autonomous Centre and its eviction!

Aktuelle infos:,

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• Siebdruckworkshop
• Afterparty + Soli Cocktails
• veganes Essen
• und anderes – watch out for flyers!

weiters übernehmen wir jeden 2ten Donnerstag im Monat das Unheizbar.Antirepsolibeisl. :)

wielandgasse 2-4
1100 wien