DIY Punk Beisl – Soli für Tovarna Rog @ekh

Samstag 25.10. 2019 – DIY Punk Beisl – Soli für Tovarna Rog

20:30 – Film:

“Rejects of the Second Generation” / “Odpadki Druge Generacije”
“After the independence of Slovenia it seemed that the story of Slovenian punk is finished. But every end is a new beginning. After 1991 rose a new, second generation of punks who still believe that another world is possible and necessary. Active members of the underground: musicians, activists, squatters, music promoters and organizers tell us about punk ideology, culture, music, squatting movement, lust for freedom and political struggle under the flag of anarchism. Firsthand, forthright. This is a document of independence, love for music and creativity. Reflection on the work of passion and of the world, not driven by capital. From the punks for the punks.”
(2016, 62 min, Slovenian with English subtitles)

22:00 – Bands:

D-Beat/Crust/Punk aus Koper/Ljubljana

Thrash/HC/Punk aus Idrija

+ 1-2 Bands

+ Ex-Yu Auflegerei, Soli-Rakija & Cocktails, Zine-Distro

“Factory Rog is a self-organized autonomous space in the centre of
Ljubljana, Slovenia. Squatted since 2006, it’s been providing space for
a variety of initiatives, collectives, ateliers, events and happening
ranging from activism, lectures, concerts, sport activities, circus,
performative arts, etc. In 2016 the city municipality of Ljubljana
decided to try evicting the occupants of the Factory, on the basis of
their vision of an artistic-design space meant to make the city center
more attractive for investors. For the last 3 years some of the users of
Rog have been involved in court proceedings, amassing a sizeable amount
of court fines, a large chunk still unpaid.

The three year long court proceedings also prevented the municipality to
legally empty the buildings of Factory Rog. Now, with the last of the
cases settled, the court order forbidding the municipality from
encroaching onto the territory loses its validity on 1st of June and we
are unsure of what exactly could happen. On one hand our response is
trying to establish a dialogue with the municipality that could lead to
acceptable solutions for the future of the Factory. On the other hand,
past experiences and recent moves of the municipality suggest the
repetition of the 2016 scenario. Therefore, until this dialogue happens,
and especially if it doesn’t, we need a stable, continuous presence of
supporters, ready to stand up to any repeated attempts of eviction.

We are calling on all people that care for and believe in the value of
autonomous spaces to join us in defending Rog and saving an important
bulwark of DIY counterculture and grassroots opposition to
gentrification and the hegemony of capitalism!

For more information, write to us at

Spread the word! Spread the resistance!