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Samstag 14. März Klinika Soli
Last islands of freedom.
Society needs spaces which offer different principles then we are used to.
In December the demolition of the former Klinika building in Prague has
started. In a few months there will be a new building with offices and ordinations
on the same place. It has been one year since the executor has evicted
last tenants from Klinika. The main group of people who are responsible
for founding klinika are still in touch and contact. The eviction was not the end
of this case, they still have to struggle with repression, but they do not organise
anything anymore because they have no space available.

The collective tries to find a new place which would work on similar principles,
but that is not easy because runninga legal place in Prague is connected
with paying commercial rent or grant politics. Maybe they will occupy something

In Prague there are many political/activist groups but no special place that
would also combine social aspects. Klinika was not just a party space or
a room for lessons, there was also an alternative kindergarten, or a place for
homeless people, language lessons and education for people for free. It
was not just a cultural center but also a social one. The repressions against
Klinika started kind of populistic in 2015 based on Klinika’s dedication to
helping refugees, Czech xenophobic right would fight against people who
wanted to show some solidarity with refugees and people from war zones.
It is important that cities preserve some kind of diversity with what people
create around themselves.

The collective of Klinika had to pay around 1 300 000 CZK in judicial proceedings
but the judge reduce it to 900 000 CZK + 300 000 CZK to the executor.
The collective appealed to a higher institution, because the behavior of the
executor is and other institutions too is not legitimate!

A big part of the money has already been paid, from both Czech and international
benefit parties and also from private persons.
Anyone can still help the collective of klinika – come to our party and support autonomy and underground.
Let’s keep the island of freedom!