[Film/Diskussion] The Feminist on Cellblock Y @Perpetuum Mobile

A-Café on Sunday, 27.01.: Film-screening and Discussion

This time we want to show the documentary

“The Feminist on Cellblock Y” (2018; Language: English; Duration: 74 min)

“We cannot challenge our harmful behavior without challenging patriarchy,”

Richard Edmond Vargas, also known as “Richie Reseda” is a convicted felon who has been serving time in an all-male prison in Soledad, California, for armed robbery since he was a teen. “The Feminist on Cellblock Y,” a documentary produced by filmmaker Contessa Gayles, follows the now 25-year-old Reseda and his fellow prison mates as they participate in an inmate rehabilitation program centered around feminist literature. It’s said in the documentary, “a lot of them come out even worse than they were before,” referring to the inmates. In order to counter that particular manifestation, these men spend their days learning about the patriarchy, discovering the power of vulnerability, and personally combating toxic masculinity. Additionally, the program encourages the men to confront all of the areas where these toxic ideals of masculinity have prevailed in their lives.

Afterwards we want to discuss about the film together.

When?: Open and cooking together from 17:00

Start of Film-screening: 19:00

Where?: Perpetuum Mobile, Geibelgasse 23, 1150 Vienna


The idea behind the anarchist café is that we want to enable a nice
gathering and a vivid exchange of people who are interested in anarchism
and anti-authoritarian thinking. An appreciative and considerate
interaction is important for us!

There will be beverages and food. It would be nice if you also bring
something (vegan/dumpster-vegetarian please!)

We are looking forward to seeing you!



Dieses Mal wollen wir die Dokumentation “The Feminist on Cellblock Y” zeigen. (2018; Sprache: Englisch; Länge: 74 min)

„Wir können unser schädliches Verhalten nicht in Frage stellen, ohne das Patriarchat herauszufordern“. Ein Zitat von Reseda, verurteilt wegen bewaffnetem Raubüberfall. „The Feminist in Cellblock Y“ ist ein Dokumentarfilm der sich innerhalb vom Männerknast, kritisch mit dem Patriarchat und der Männlichkeit auseinandersetzt. Es bildet sich eine feministische Bewegung im Männerknast in Soledad, Kalifornien.

Die Dokumentation wird auf Englisch gezeigt, mit Flüsterübersetzung bei Bedarf. Anschließend wollen wir gemeinsam darüber diskutieren.

Wann? Offen und gemeinsames Kochen ab 17:00 Uhr.
Bringt gerne veganes oder dumpster-vegetarisches Essen mit!

Beginn des Filmes: 19:00 Uhr

Ort: PerpetuuMobile, Geibelgasse 23, 1150 Wien

Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen!