FLIT sound technics workshop for beginners @ekh

Mittwoch, 11. März FLIT sound technics workshop for beginners.
No knowledge required!! 5 p.m.

Hey lots! There is a whole bunch of not so hard, interesting, fun stuff that one
can learn easily. Just that it’s actually easy to learn and not too hard to do is
most of the times not part of the story. Doing sound technics may not be easy
if you have to be perfect and there is a whole lot of guys telling you that you’re
not. Also it’s not easy to access, obviously. I guess everyone has a stereotype
image of a sound dude who will for sure do a good job, get props from the other
dudes, lots of times fake it ‘till he makes it…

If you’re not one of those it’s the first barrier for sure. It’s just a matter of fact that
other won’t take it for granted that you’re just as good. Also you yourself might
not do so. Would be a common thinking.

So in order not to need bothering about that, this workshop will be for FLIT
people. It’s an empowering tool and lot’s of fun.

Ah yeah and the content will be using an analog mixer, getting to know
how a Soundsystem works, experimenting with mixing drums and vocals.
There will be follow-ups, also for beginners!

wielandgasse 2-4
1100 wien