Gipsy Mafia // Overflow // Alex Alert @Kaleidoskop

July 20, 2018 @ 20:00

Gipsy Mafia (Hip-Hop srb)

In contrast to their American role models, GIPSY MAFIA’s writings aggressively turn against sexism, homophobia and racism in much of the hip-hop scene. Again and again, the everyday exclusion and discrimination of the Roma are discussed. However, it does not leave the formation in a clear to dramatic way to name and criticize the problem makers (government, police, authorities, “normal” society …). Also solutions are delivered and these ultimately seen in the self-organization and a self-determined fight against the mechanisms of repression.

Overflow (Hip-Hop at)

Antifaschistischer Rap direkt ins Xicht!

Alex Alert (Acoustic punk at)

Alex Alert from St. Pölten/Vienna is trying to connect a Working-Class-Anarchist attitude to the genre of Protestsongwriting.
The songs and lyrics are to be understood under an anti-fascist, anti-racist, queer-tolerant and animal-friendly aspect.

Wie immer gibt es keinen Eintritt, sondern bitten wir darum dass ihr eine Spende für die Bands in den Hut werft der rumgehen wird.

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Der Raum ist rauchfrei.

Komm vorbei 🙂

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