Jonathan Pinto // Speaking Silences @Kaleidoskop

Come down to Kaleidoskop for an evening of acoustic music – starring
you, everybody else plus two troubadours:


A striking voice breaks the silence, joins a guitar and sings, cries and
whispers songs of sorrow, anger and hope. Some of them are of the kind
which disrupts the alienation of shoppers on the streets and makes them
look up for a second, others you’d love to take home and keep for your

Speaking Silences is currently living in Vienna and just finished his
latest release Hanging On – a pre-release version of which is available
at concerts only.

Steps on the Pavement:


An acoustic mixture of folk/country/punk/indie together with some catchy
pop melodies to be expected with lots of emphasis on lyrics in the
themes of longing, indifference and dystopia, as well as some other
stuff that comes with being a human.

Song of Hate and Anger

offen ab 20:00

Konzerte ab 21:00

Wie immer gibt es keinen Eintritt, sondern bitten wir darum dass ihr eine Spende für die Bands in den Hut werft der rumgehen wird.

Getränke gibt es vor Ort für freie Spende.

Der Raum ist rauchfrei.

Komm vorbei 🙂

Schönbrunnerstraße 91
1050 Wien