Kinder-Varietekh @ekh

Sa 07.04. Varietekh #10. 19:00 Uhr Doors Open | 20:00 Uhr Beginn
So 08.04. KinderVarietekh. 14:30 Uhr Doors Open | 15:00 Uhr Beginn
So 08.04. Varietekh #10. 19:00 Uhr Doors Open | 20:00 Uhr Beginn

A stage for those who bring it to life!
The VarietEKH originated in 2013 and takes place two or three times per year at the Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus(EKH) in Vienna.
The EKH is a free space that was fought for. It allows people to organize and be creative without authorityor pressure. There is no entrance fee, only donations. These donations are being divided fifty-fifty, for open and self-organized circus-structures and for radical leftist political projects. Concept: Every variety show is being performed twice, saturday and sunday. The final run-through and rehearsal for technical matters, moderation etc. is scheduled for friday afternoon. If you are to perform, you should be available throughout the whole of those three days.
Your applications will be collected and five weeks before each event we put together a final program. Due to high application numbers we cannot guarantee a performance slot for each and every one, but we register all of the applicants and try to fit those delayed into the next show. We have certain criteria for choosing the respective performances, which is not always an easy task:
We primary look for contemporary circus, but also welcome other kinds of performances. We try to vary our program. There should be Viennese as well as international artists. We try to find a balance between group- and solo-performances.
Furthermore, we focus on an equal relation of genders and newbies and experienced performers. Performance time is limited to seven minutes for solos and ten minutes for group acts, in order to have a wide scale of different artists on stage.
For keeping the show short and sweet and in suspense it is of major importance for the performers to stick to the time frame. If your act is longer than that and can‘t be shortened at all, you may speak with us though – exceptions can be made if needed.
If you have expenses for your performance or journey, lcan ask for a financial grant of up to 40€ for a solo act and 80 € for a group act. If your travel costs are higher than that, exceptions might be made. For people without access to the labour market this grant is to be taken as an individual financial support. For international acts the possible
amount for travel costs is of course higher.