Lauter Lärm #3 @Venster99

Lauter Lärm #3


Aeromobile Auf Autopiloten (LIVE)
Cyberheikel (LIVE)
Feuersalamander auf Marzipan (LIVE)
Bruising Pattern (LIVE)
Warzone (LIVE)
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Door: 22oo

BZRRO BassPunk (LIVE)〗

Mutant Bass’n’breaks, Breakcore, Experimental out of analog hardware . Lfo driven drums, dirty ‘n’ heavy basslines, glitches, funky snares and bassdrum mayhem in a raw, powerful and true performance.

Aeromobile Auf Autopiloten (LIVE)〗

Influenced by Dub, Tekno, Noise and Psychedelic, deeply interested in the polyrhythmic structures of trance inducing Folk-Musics and fueled by Punk and DIY-Culture:
‘Aeromobile auf Autopiloten’s Live-Improvisations display his obsession with broken sounds, odd rhythmic measures and handmade electronic-music instruments.

Cyberheikel (LIVE)〗

HYPERCYCLE ist eine immersive audiovisuelle fahrradperformance, die
Noise, Tekkno, Klangkunst, Mindmachines und DIY verschmelzen lässt
„das fahhrrad ist für uns die wahrheit des seins, unsere geräumige bleibe, die klarheit unserer liebe und die glut unserer leidenschaften.“

„ich will mir meine zeit von denen wieder holen, die sie mir gestohlen haben. ich habe immer darauf geachtet, so wenig wie möglich zu arbeiten, um radfahren zu können. fahrrad zu fahren ist die huldigung der intelligenz an die faulheit.“

Feuersalamander auf Marzipan (LIVE)〗

Solo harshnoise project of Christoph F. (owner of Dry Lungs Records) from Vienna that started out in 2002 but has only had its live and physical-release debuts in 2015!

Trying to process whatever live throws at him with any means necessary this is a true “self-medication through harsh noise” approach to this underground art.
A mainly analogue effect chain with some digital accents always accompanies his sonic endeavors but nothing is set in stone when it comes to the actual input
which can range from his trusted synth(s) to (self-made) instruments, always trying something new to never get bored and constantly evolve!

Bruising Pattern (LIVE)〗

Bruising Pattern is the main solo outlet by Petar S. who has been an active member of the experimental music scene since 2011. Although he is an avid person when it comes to recording, solo shows by Petar are a rare occasion. He is also known for running the DIY label Fall Into Void Recs which has released more than 100 tapes + CDrs over the past 6 years. Musically, Bruising Pattern creates a unique mixture of slow moving, static-like walls of drone and fast paced, glitched harsh noise elements.

More info on his project can be found here:

Warzone (LIVE)〗

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