Rebella Pirata goes Austria! All Grrrls Fest @ekh

Rebella Pirata goes Austria!

RebellaPirata festival is a platform for female performers to showcase their talents in a largely male dominated field. Our own DIY take on LadyFest we wanted to create a safe space for female artists to explore and display their creativity and talents. A space free from discrimination and the gender-based judgement that is so common in the alternative squat/diy /punk/feminist scene where most of us started out.

The events are usually divided into; fashion shows, art exhibitions, theatrical performances; and live music shows including sets by Djs/VJs and bands.

We are a group of energetic women who all volunteer their time to create cultural immersive events which raise money for charity. The profits raised from our events are donated to various charitable organisations that work with women in need.

Rebella Pirata is a collaborative effort and is always open to new ideas and initiatives that will benefit the group as a whole and agree with our overall ethos.

We wanted to simply create our perfect party with the music we wanted to hear and since we’ve had mega positive feedback after first edition it’s convinced us that we are not alone in this mindset and that this sort of platform for girls is much needed.

Also we ask you to respect the location, so no tagging/graffiti. And please don’t publish the adres online.
Respect each other, racism, sexism etc will not be tolerated

And make sure to give an generous donation so we are able to continue to make more RebellaPirata party’s!

>>All Artist Line-Up<<

°Chris Kraut


°Güldenen Gitschen

>>Hoop Duo

°Aerial Silk Butterfly


° Miri -“The Fall”

>> Experimental Impro Dance with contact ball



° Flora Wunderland


° Kata HoopRevolution

°HIP-HOP Beatz out of Town- with Punsta MC!

>>Blacklight Show

° Wench Queens



°Shirin Farassat






^^^for more Infos stay tuned>>