Rhythms Of Resistance Vienna – Beginners’ Workshop

March 25, 2019 @ 18:00

You hate capitalism, patriarchy, fascism, etc.?
You love rhythms, glitter and demonstrations?

Then join us:


BEGINNERS’ WORKSHOP * 25.03.2018 * 18 pm

Who we are?_________________________________________________________________________
We are a transnational anti-hierarchical anticapitalist, antisexist and antiracist network fighting for social and ecological justice.
We are activists using tactical frivolity as a form of political action to confront any system of domination.
We also directly support everybody experiencing or struggling against exploitation, discrimination and oppression, without compromising our principles.
Our tactics include drumming and dancing inspired by samba and carnival.

Interested? __________________________________________________________________________
You do not need any instruments or experience in playing.
We offer a BEGINNERS’ WORKSHOP (25.03.2018 * 18 pm) to give an introduction in our background, the network and how we play.
If you want to participate, please write us at: ror.vienna@riseup.net

For further information, checkhttps://www.rhythms-of-resistance.org/