June 14, 2017 – June 24, 2017 all-day

14. – 24. 06. SPLATTER-LAB

How to make your own zombie and kill it.
At first there was the idea…
Inspirated by your nightmares…

And it all came to life in the SPLATTER-LAB!

–          hosted by kino5 and EKH –

In nine days of D.I.Y. shortfilm production you can take your gory fantasies to the screen. We call upon all genrefilm enthusiasts regardless of their level of filmmaking experience. We can help you getting your film done even if your experimenting with video for the first time. All you need is creativity and bloodlust.

You can bring a full written script if you want to but a rough idea is just as fine. We can also brainstorm in the LAB or just improvise. The SPLATTER-LAB is meant to be laboratory for ethusiasts that work together, help each other and create toghether. We exchange ideas and know-how and learn from each other.

You can also join just to learn how a green screen works, how to have guts expoding in movies, to
help out as an actress, walking
dead, granpa…, how to set the lights in
each scene, to mould guts, use pyrotechnics, edit video, work with cameras, do special-effect make-up…

The LAB will take place at the EKH from June 14th until June 24th.

The production meeting is on June 14th at 18:00. That’s when we discuss the ideas, form the teams and plan the shooting. The filmscreening with all the results is on saturday, June 24th at the EKH Haus- & Hoffest.

So join the SPLATTER-LAB team now by contacting us by mail at office@kino5.net with the subject „SPLATTER-LAB“. We will then get back to you with all the details. Or check kino5.net for updates.