The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Film @ekh

October 28, 2017 @ 20:00

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017, 20 Uhr
The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Film
Facilitated by the films’ director Maple Razsa

Twice the people went into the streets. Twice the police drove them away. What began
as protests in Winter 2012 became uprisings. In the once-prosperous industrial city of
Maribor, Slovenia, anger over political corruption became unruly revolt. This participatory
documentary places audiences in the midst of the third and largest uprising as crowds
surround and ransack City Hall under a hailstorm of tear gas canisters. Soon the mayor will resign—and the movement will spread to cities across the country.

This live participatory documentary invites audiences to grapple with the intimate as well as the public meanings of protest through reflection on the choices of actual participants in the uprising—as well as the choices they themselves make during the screening. How are citizens’ senses of themselves changed by experiences of state force: tear gas, stun grenades, armored vehicles, water cannons, and helicopters? Is this what one protester described as “feeling the state on your own skin?” In these violent encounters, why do so many protesters feel “love at the barricades?” What are the perils—and the possibilities—of these increasingly common eruptions in urban life?