Unheizbar.Antirepsolibeisl: Cinema #2: So, which band is your boyfriend in? @ekh

Das neue Unheizbar Kino geht in die zweite Runde! Großes Kino in der großen Halle!
Für Popcorn ist gesorgt!

Bar ab 20 Uhr, Filmstart immer um 21 Uhr!

Glühwein & Decken!

Tontechnik (Kurzfilm)
Veranstaltungstechnik ist nach wie vor eine ziemliche Männerdomäne.
Selbst in der anarcharchistischen DIY Szene.

So, which band is your boyfriend in (UK,2018)
This documentary features the views of a range of women/genderfluid individuals from all walks of life within the UK music scene. It looks at how and why people get involved in music, the positive and the not-so-positive experiences, and the possible
ways we can change things. The gender divide exists – there’s no doubt about it. And recently there have been an increasing number of press articles in the issue, but they only scratch the surface. So, Which Band is Your Boyfriend in? provides an in-depth account of the situation.From the outset it was my intention to create a film which could have an impact on the awareness of equality issues in the UK music scene. I hope that this project will inspire young people to pick up an instrument, learn to record music or just get out
there to see live bands perform.

wielandgasse 2-4
1100 wien