Unheizbar.Antirepsolibeisl: Cinema: 4 Kurdish Documentaries @ekh

Do 14.11. Unheizbar.Antirepsolibeisl: Movie Night

Mit einem Filmkollektiv aus Kopenhagen gemeinsam machen wir diesen Filmabend!

ABER diesmal zeigen wir die Filme in der Halle und nicht auf der Gallerie! Also ganz großes Kino!

Copenhagen Underground presents “Kurdish Lens” as part of their Rojava Solidarity Screening Tour. “Kurdish Lens” is a program of four short documentaries from four independent Kurdish filmmakers whose stories depict the Kurdish struggle in thematic forms of resistance and art. The program itself is 90 minutes long and a list with each film and a brief synopsis can be found at the bottom of the event page.

The entrance to each screening is on a donation basis with 100% of the proceeds collected each night being given to the Kurdish Red Crescent, to assist individuals and families who are in need of medical support and shelter after the Turkish invasion of Rojava and its continued occupation and aggression.

If you cannot make it to the screening and would like to support Rojava, we highly encourage you to make a donation of any kind at: https://www.paypal.me/heyvasor


Synopsis of Films:

Qelershk (Raven), 21:09
Dir: Shukri Mahmood

“A Yizidean painter who, after escaping ISIS captivity in 2014 but not their daily threats, continues devoting his life to art while primarily depicting the Kurdish struggle as well as the cultures of the region in his work.”

My Clayey Conception, 3:00
Dir: Zanyar Muhammadineko

“A short video portrait of a Kurdish veteran of war who finds peace in his work with clay.”

Evan: A Survivor’s Story, 18:50
Dir: Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi

“After fleeing Kurdistan from ISIS as a journalist covering the Peshmarga front lines, this documentary (created and also directed by his translator) shows the difficulties of today’s asylum seeking process and the stress it bears on families who are kept apart by borders and unjust immigration practices.”

Nu Jin (New Life), 48:01
Dir: Veysi Altay

“Nu Jin is centered around a YPJ battalion in Kobane and tells the stories of the everyday women who have dedicated their lives wholly to revolution.”


About Copenhagen Underground:

Copenhagen Underground is a DIY collective (based in Copenhagen, Denmark) which organizes donation based music and film events whose proceeds go to support humanitarian initiatives, activist groups, NGOs, etc.