Vortrag/Soli Party for Libertatia Squat mit Mekongg // Rumpelton // Laut Fragen @ekh

freitag, 11. mai 2018
Soli Party for Libertatia Squat, Thessaloniki, Greece
20.00 Presentation: “The Reconstruction of the Squat and its political meaning”
(Genossen*innen from Libertatia Collective)

Ab 22.00 Concerts
Rumpelton Deutschpunk mit a bissi Ska [https://soundcloud.com/user-304963737]
Laut Fragen Post-Punk, experimenteller Elektronik und Pop

On 21 January 2018, fascists hooligan groups attacked and burned down Libertatia squat in Thessaloniki, under the protection of the police after a patriotic rally that was called to defend the name of Macedonia. The day after, a demonstration was held in Thessaloniki with about 2.500 participants from the anarchist and radical left movement and 5 people got arrested. The collective of Libertatia is not giving up and they want to rebuild what was destroyed. No fascist attack will be left unanswered.
Libertatia will stay!

The importance of occupations and their defense
“…The shock of the arson of an occupation, which is, a structure of struggle and resistance, is great. However, the emergence of solidarity at material, moral and political level and the power of the movement to rebuild what has been shattered by the destructive forces of fascism in one day,with all its forces assembled at one point, overcomes every obstacle, highlighting the second stake that exist at the moment. That is, that of showing
solidarity to squats and defending the structures of the struggle at a central political level. At the moment where the attacks on occupations and free social spaces of fascist gangs have intensified, the movement must respond by defending them. . Following the events that took place in the days of the two rallies for the Macedonian issue, the latest attacks on the occupation of Lelas Karagiannis (Athens), the followers of the self-organized group of  Progressive Toumpa (Thessaloniki),the Free Social Space of Favela (Piraeus) and the squat of Panetolio 21 in Koukaki (Athens) show the attempt to intimidate the people of the struggle from the parastate, which always acts in addition to state repression. Our  structures, however, do not simply cover housing needs of people, but they are also spaces of resistance to the existing, fields of creating relations of equality, solidarity and respect among the oppressed people and the vision of a better world. That is why we will defend them by all means, highlighting their importance and role. By putting the issue of
defending occupied spaces and Libertatia squat as a center issue out in the streets, we propagate and highlight the squatting projects, their role in the wider movement and society, and make it clear to the state, the capital and the fascists that we will defend our structures, making the occupation a social term….”

Text from Libertatia Squat (Pan-Balcanic Internationalist Solidarity Demo 10/3 in Thessaloniki)
More infos: rebuildlibertatia.noblogs.org