[DIY Punk Beisl] Soli für Cooperativa mit Catastrophy // Halal Hardcore // habenichts*in // Gloomer @ekh

Catastrophy (hc punk; wien)
Halal Hardcore (electro experimental; wien)
habenichts*in (akkordeon punk; wien)
Gloomer (sludge; wien)
Dear friends, comrades and supporters of the DIY, solidary and autonomous community,
Your well-known space, Cooperativa, goes through a difficult time and needs your support!
Almost a week ago, there was a fire in the space, resulting in the complete destruction of the area around the bread oven and in partial damage to the house.
Because of this, for a period of time we are unable to bake bread and other products, nor can we open the space as we used to.
Fortunately, all the necessary repairs, reconditioning of the oven and reconstruction of the oven area can be done by us.
We are asking for your support to be able purchasing the materials needed for the repairs and covering at least some of the losses caused by our lack of activity during this time.
We aim at building a much more durable oven infrastructure with lower risk for any future incidents, improving the oven in order to bake even a better bread, and of course repairing the damaged part of the house(window frame + roof). The estimated costs for all these are around 2500 EUR.
🌱🌱🌱 All of you who have tasted our bread, who believe in our vision towards a community, direct cooperation, solidarity and mutual trust based cooperative can support us:
🟣 by making a donation on revolut at @seed161 or via bank transfer in RON to RO20BREL0005500475810100 or EUR to LT463250084026011882 (bic REVOLT21)
🟣 by purchasing our products on the shelves on Mondays or Thursdays between 18:00 and 20:00, at the known address.
You can contact us for questions by e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.
With gratitude and hope,
Cooperativa Team
wielandgasse 2-4
1100 wien