EKH Haus- & Hoffest

27.06. – 30.06. Haus & Hoffest

Do. 27.06.

18:00 Sektempfang & FUG & Hofbar

Vegan Food // Ping Pong // Badminton


Fr. 28.06.

14:30 – 21:00
Fuck Holidays – End Capitalism in the yard
Hanging out with ice cream, non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, with the splash of nice music and diy activities (mini banners, games, fun)

15:00 Soli-Tattoos (just come by the infoshop for more infos!)

19:00 Workshop/Talk about Squatting:

Hocken oder sterben: Zeitgenössische anarchistische Flächennutzung im Wiener Becken
Wien braucht weniger Leerstand. Dieser Workshop dient als praktische Anleitung zur Erfüllung dieses Zwecks.

Squat or die: contemporary anarchist land utilization in the Vienna basin
Vienna needs less vacancy. This workshop serves as a practical guide towards this end.

20:00 Covernight

After party from ~ 00:00
rave and fun set DJ riot diamond


Sa. 29.06.

15:00 Soli-Tattoos (just come by the infoshop for more infos!)

15:00 Streetparty:

– Trip Of Mice
– Samora Squid (Tasmanian Sideshow Freak)
– Pardalea Collective

21:00 Bands:

– Chronic Backpain
– Ayvcaba

90s Rave & Karaoke


So. 30.06.

14:00 Weiberfrühstück